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What is Adobe CQ and Adobe AEM

Adobe CQ is Adobe's Enterprise Level Web Content Management System. Recently, it re-branded to become Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to reflect its ever expanding universe of functionality and features. Some of the world's biggest brands use AEM to deliver web content to audiences of millions. It really has become the weapon of choice for anyone who's anyone on the the web. Why is it so popular? That's actually hard to say. There are a lot of things it does really, really well but it is very expensive to run. The software licence alone can run into 6 figures annually. That's hard to swallow when other competing technologies offer almost everything AEM does for a tenth of the price. But still, AEM continues to take over the world, one website at a time. On the positive side, it comes with a great set of features out of the box and, with a little tinkering, can deliver an engaging website in a very short space of time. The built-in component-based system means y

Responsive Web Design: Media Queries are not enough

Responsive web design is very much the buzz word in web design today. Like so many of its contemporaries, it's made the uneasy transition from in-industry term to general web-marketing parlance and, in so doing, it's true meaning has been somewhat diluted. It always intrigues me when complex web development terminology finds its way into marketing and planning meetings. Sometimes, a client will even drop the term into a brief. My previous favourite (which was prolific around 6 or 8 years ago) was "Web 2.0". Only the people who didn't really understand it would ever say it and heaven forbid you should scratch the surface and ask what they actually knew about it! It's easy to see why "Responsive Web Design" has followed Web 2.0 down that road. It's a very accessible term which uses everyday words that belie the hidden complexities and it is these complexities that drove me to write this piece. Media Queries Media Queries are great in theory