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Nominating a Web Design Agency

Choosing a graphic design agency is like choosing a restaurant. Bigger is not necessarily better. If you need something quick and dirty to fill a hole, the golden arches are fine but you wouldn’t take a client there for dinner ;-) In order to get what you need from your agency, you need access to the real talent behind the scenes – in the same way you need the Michelin Starred chef to prepare your meal. Graphic design, even on the web, is an art not a science. Good design is not done on an industrial scale, it is about the talent of individuals (in small teams) and how they can channel that to deliver creative and professional artwork that fulfills your brief. The problem for you is that you cannot specifically "measure" the quality of an agency’s visual design capabilities. You can only look at what they do and see if you like it – not the most scientific of approaches - but what else can you do? In the first instance, you must try to think of it from your client's